& Assistance
Outsourcing the right chord

Cyssea International, project outsourcing specialist, assists its customers for their projects achievement.

Both in administrative tasks and in operational environment, Cyssea International is involves in its missions with all the accuracy and rigour required for the success of your projects. In the right continuity of Cyssea's consulting missions and sharing the same values, we put our expertise and our knowledge at your service.

  • Understanding of your business ...

    Joint development process permits to best adapt to customers' needs. With this approach we understand your business better to realize support mission and project management assistance.

  • ... for better solutions ...

    Cyssea International establishes metrics to adjust the output and the performance of your projects. Additionally, Cyssea International has a strong competence in technical projects engineering. With our experience, we offer you our expertise on information systems.

  • ... with respect to your organizations.

    We adapt our methodology to your business and processes. The thoroughness and quality are our watchwords, as well as respect for norms and standards. We provide continuous support to the governance information.