Business process

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Cyssea International creates its own niche mainly on rising the value on its customers business process. Outsourcing is an attractive alternative to reallocate your co-workers on your core business, while maintaining an integrated team within the company internal processes.

Process definition

Definition is a key step to guarantee the correct match between the outsourced team and the customer needs:

  • team size
  • tools handling
  • methodology training
  • schedule definition

Business operations

Cyssea International offers the following business operations:

  • accounting: accounting evidence referencing, pointing, lettering, payroll edition
  • taxation: tax and social form edition
  • legal: regulatory form edition
  • human resources: recruitment assistance, profile research and filtering
  • sales force: prospecting, business development, quality survey
  • marketing : SEO, operational marketing, prospection for suppliers


Prior to delivery submission, checks are made for quality improvement. These checks rely on metrics established during the definition phase or proceeding by analysis on a data sample.