Data processing

Data receiptData typingData qualification

Prior to industrialized operations on data, documents or information, Cyssea International offers its services on upstream data process:

  • information transcription and translation
  • typing and recording
  • content qualification
  • file consolidation

These interventions aim to facilitate information processing and quality assurance for a better integration in a process of thorough analysis

Document receipt

Data receipt step consists in the deposit of digital information in dedicated and secure space environment. Otherwise, the documents delivery via a specialized transportation service can be considered.

Secure project environment

After documents receipt, a check is always performed to ensure the compliance of information to be processed. In case of defects, the customer is advised to confirm and, if necessary, correct the data set.

Data typing

Input data can first be enriched by a translation or transcription step. Data are entered via a tool according to the information system of the customer.


After information typing, an audit cycle is applied to ensure the quality of produced data. Simultaneously, an information consolidation step can be applied to cross reference information through third party databases.