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Intellectual property

Cyssea International's Content protection

The law forbids anyone to reproduce and communicate to the public some original contents without the permission of the author and / or assignees.

The Site consists of original contents (texts, images, animations, sounds, drawings, etc.) which are the property of Cyssea International (hereinafter "Content"). The Content is specifically protected by author's rights, copyrights, trademarks, know-how and Cyssea International keeps all rights to its Content.

You must not, under no circumstances, reproduce, display, show, communicate, transmit and / or distribute all or parts of the Cyssea International's Content without prior authorization.

Cyssea International's Content is made available to Users for informative purposes, without any warranty.

Cyssea International could not be liable, under no circumstances, for misuse or misunderstanding of any information provided

Cyssea International's prior authorization

However, Cyssea International may allow partial reproduction of some of its Content and making them available to the conditions set out below.

For this you have to seek for Cyssea International's authorization previously and consistently, sending an email to the following address: contact [AT] Cyssea International [DOT] com.

The use of Cyssea International's name and logo, for any purpose whatsoever, shall be subject to the prior written permission from Cyssea International.

If you get Cyssea International's agreement, so used Cyssea International's Content must necessarily be accompanied by the statement: "© Cyssea International - All rights reserved", as well as the reference identifying the source of the Content.

In case of use in conflict with the present T&C, Cyssea International shall take all actions it deems necessary to stop the infringement, including in front of courts.


Privacy policy

We respect French law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 obligations and provisions (especially the French law of August 6, 2004) so called "Computers and Freedoms" and its decrees, as well as the decrees implementing the French law n°2004-575, so called "Law for Confidence in Digital Economy".

No personal data is collected without letting you know.

Traffic data and Cookies
Traffic data

Data traffic are generated when your computer is connected to the Internet and to the Site, these data do not permit you to be identified. We collect the following data: origin from connection (ISP), IP address, type and version of browser, connection duration, etc. These data may be used for statistical purposes in order to your undertake analysis of Site's use (hourly / daily activity level, etc.) to adapt and improve it to your needs. Traffic data are always processed anonymously.


We may store some "cookies" on your hard drive to save and restore your profile when you are connected via your usual computer. These small files may contain, e.g. traffic data.

You can delete cookie files and configure your browser to reject registration on your computer. However, this configuration might affect browsing on the Site. We invite you to refer to your browser documentation if you want to check or change the cookie storage policy.

Limitation of Liability / Disclaimer

Site access

Cyssea International keeps the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse, suspend or terminate your access to all or part of the Site at any time, for any reason whatsoever, with or without notice and without incurring any liability for it.

Cyssea International strives to maintain the site accessible, without being under any obligation of result. It is announced that for purposes of maintenance, updating and for any other reasons, notably technical, access to the Site may be interrupted. Cyssea International is, in no circumstances, responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that may arise for users or third parties.

Site operations

The Site is offered "as is". Cyssea International does not provide any warranty, express or implied, related to the Site. In particular, and without being restrictive, we do not guarantee the Site continuity and quality, or that the Site will be continuously available or that Users will not violate T&C.

You acknowledge that you access the Site and use it at your own risk. Cyssea International uses all means at its disposal to ensure the reliability of data on the Site, but cannot be held responsible, directly or indirectly, nor for the use of these data neither for your access to the Content. Cyssea International cannot be held liable for any loss of data or damage (direct or indirect) caused to your computer and/or system, or any other devices, having for origin the use of the Site.

Outgoing links

Cyssea International has no control over the content available on third party sites. Cyssea International also cannot guarantee or be held responsible nor for information provided on third party sites, neither for the use that may be made with.

It is User's responsibility to ensure the quality of the content supplied by third party sites. In case of dispute, it will be settled between the User and the third party site.

Incoming links

Cyssea International allows you to create links to the Site, under the following conditions:

  • do not use a technique called "deep link" or "framing", i.e. the Site's page must not be embedded within pages of another sites, but must be accessible opening a separated window.
  • always mention the origin of pointed data by a direct link to the Content.

The third party sites which choose to point to the Site engage their own liability if they attempt to the fame of Cyssea International or its Site.

Law - Litigation

The validity, interpretation and enforcement of the T&C, and any acts that would be preliminary, result or consequence, will be exclusively governed by French law. Any dispute arising from the use of the Site will be under the jurisdiction of Paris courts (even in case of appeal or plurality of defendants or cross-claim).

In case of invalidation of one or more of the T&C's provisions by court order, the remaining terms shall remain valid.